Renew the 1004MC Calculator Software

If you would like to renew your yearly license of the 1004MC software it is a simple process.   The cost is $99. per year. 

The process involves 1. Paying for a one year license renewal.  2.  Sending us the computer ID.  3.  We send you a "key" to unlock expired version which will allow you to run the 1004MC software for another year. 

To pay the $99. renewal fee by credit card CLICK HERE

2.  Run the expired 1004MC Calculator software.  You will see a 20 digit computer ID similar to this KJH7-UYBN-7O8W-ZDF3-HGHD.  Copy the computer ID and email it to  PLEASE TYPE A SHORT MESSAGE IN THE BODY THAT identifies you so we can match the email with the credit card payment.  Something like "this is Bill Smith, I just paid for the 1004MC Calculator software renewal".  If you have a problem or question please call us at 404-402-8930.

3.  We will send you an email with an attachment containing the new key to unlock your expired copy which will allow it to run for another year.  Simply save the attachment to your desktop and your good for another year!

Thanks for your purchase!

If you need support please call 404-402-8930.