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The 1004MC Calculator™ software was designed by an appraiser instructor and has been in use by small and large appraisal and real estate firms nationwide.  It was designed for one main purpose - TO SAVE YOU TIME in completing your required 1004MC form.  It is estimated that you can save up to an hour per appraisal report by using this product.

The 1004MC calculator™ software allows you, the appraiser, complete control of the data not the computer.

A free 30 day trial version is available so you can see for yourself that the 1004MC Calculator™ software if the fastest, easiest to use and most flexible software available to assist you in completing the statistical analysis of your neighborhood required by the Fannie Mae 1004MC form. 

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO  Turn up your pc's sound volume and .  (it is about 7 minutes long)

Q.  What do I need to use the 1004MC Calculator™ software ?

A.  System requirements and other details can bee seen by
clicking here.

Q.  How do I make the 1004MC Calculator™ software work with my MLS?

A.  Instructions for using the 1004MC Calculator™ software with your MLS can be found by clicking here.

Q. If I decide to purchase it after the 30 day free trial how much does it cost and how do I purchase it?

A. The cost of the license is $99. per year.  If you wish to purchase it click here.


Download the 1004MC Calculator™ Software by clicking here.

Instructions for using the 1004MC Calculator™ can be found by clicking here (this may take a minute to load).      You may also watch the video by clicking here.

Instructions for using your MLS system with the 1004MC Calculator™ Software can be found by clicking here.